Things to Know about Hair Extensions

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If you desire to apply any type of hair extension for new look stylish appearance. The best way is to approach hair professional stylish to obtain their best choice. And you can discuss the things you need to know about hair extensions. To get talking about hair extension, you may probably be guided with the question, what kind of extension do you use? How do you get the color to match? How do you care for your extensions? What type of hair extension do you apply? Consider this few issues to know things about hair extension.

What is the good quality hair extensions?

You’ll need to be more cautious in choosing the best hair extension. You can find the good quality hair extension when you shopping in Brisbane. As a woman who finds quality hair extension for good looking you must consider it for long lasting and realistic use. Shop online at

Types of hair extensions

  1. Flat track weave extension. These are the most popular method of Hair Extension and very easy to maintain and remove. Look like a curtain, natural appearance, and should be maintained up to 2-3 months 

  2. Tape extension. These are great for fine hair, thinnest hair extension, slimline tapes are flat and lightweight. It is also easy to maintain and remove in an hour

  3. Keratin bond hair extension. Made from natural hair. Non-damaging type bond, easy to maintain.

  4. Clip-in hair extension. These are made 100% human Remy hair and you can style it just like your own hair. A premium quality, long lasting up to 12 months depending on how you proper care. 

Kinds of permanent and temporary hair extension

Bonded extension. To bond keratin attachments to your hair, it used Ultrasonic waves shelf life from 3 to 5 months

Weave extensions. The weft of hair is woven in using thread to the nape shelf life 6 to 8 weeks.

Tape-in extensions. It uses discrete double-sided tape to attach to the roots of the hair it is customizable wefts and shelf life from 6 to 8 weeks.

Clip-in hair extension. For economical option and more temporary, you can apply clip-ins even at home either you’re going to add volume or length because it is super easy to put in and take out.

There are more issue to talk in terms of getting hair extensions, if the extensions can be really damaging or how to maintain correctly. Perhaps it can be expensive, therefore you must be aware of the market for fake hair and that is crazy.


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